Menstruatiecyclus Mirella van Staveren

Reclaiming the true power of your menstrual cycle

The art of loving yourself

Celebration day for Girls, Mirella van Staveren

For Girls 10-12 year's old

Fully Feminine was born from a passion of wanting women to shine, to love and to accept themselves

Mirella van Staveren

The feminine qualities of love and lightness; relaxation and surrender; softness and pleasure; intuition and wisdom, are needed so much more in our lives. Fully Feminine explores these qualities and takes you on a journey of discovery to embrace yourself as you are. We look at the inner qualities of a woman through workshops, that offer an opportunity to meet with other women in a healing and intimate way.

When women come together and relax, magic happens.
The depths of joy and connection can be breathtaking.

Drawing upon personal experiences and trainings on the Menstrual Cycle Awareness and the power of Sensuality, Fully Feminine looks to bring out and explore the feminine.

I’m looking forward to starting this journey with you.



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