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Mirella van Staveren

I am Mirella

My name is Mirella, born in 1970 and I am from Holland. I’m proudly married to Harry and dedicated mother to our beautiful daughter Leela.

At age 27 I was diagnosed with ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome. This threw my life upside down. I lost my energy; I had to be pushed in wheelchair to get anywhere. My recovery has transformed my life and it is the reason I started of my inner journey. This journey I want to share with you.

Four years after my diagnosis I enrolled on a program in centre Venwoude, Holland. This one year program started my deep emotional and spiritual transformation. Since 2001, through opening my heart to different teachers and schools of thought, I have dedicated my time to the study of Menstrual Cycle Awareness (MCA) and the exploration of womanhood including sensuality. After that I fell in love with my cycle, with my five senses and with shining women. In my opinion cycle awarenss and being in touch with sensuality is one of the best self-care practises I have know. I started to deeply appreciate the feminine, women and I love their inner radiance.

I started to love myself.

A loving relationship with myself

And, after years of struggle, I now love my overweight body and now I allow myself to eat what I want. I love my emotional changing nature because I understand why. Flirting with myself and with others is so another freedom I’m allowing myself to enjoy but I had to learn that it’s not about getting anything, but about having fun, radiate and lifting myself and others higher. My relationship with my husband is an ongoing process and practise of deepening myself, relinquishing control, ask for what I desire without being attached to the outcome and taking full responsibility for my needs .

Since 2009 I am a proud mother of a free spirited daughter who I unschooled till age 8. Now we both are happy that she’s going to an innovative school in Holland. 

I am in awe of the depth and power that understanding your cycle and being in touch with your sensuality can have on a woman’s life.

Home sweet home

I have passionately fallen in love with Menstrual Cycle awareness and Sensuality. My dream is to share it with you.

Since 2004 I have lived in Israel, Wales, USA, and the last 7 years of my life have been in Spain. I lived and worked with my wonderful family working at Suryalila Yoga Centre. Here I started teaching MCA and Sensuality workshops. Now I believe that it is a woman’s birth right to know our body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Now I am back in my homeland in Holland. I am excited to share all that I have learnt with you.

Mirella xxx

Meet My Family

Harry, Mirella en Leela

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