What is Sensuality?

5 senses to enjoy

While there is a sexy side to sensuality, sensuality is not sexuality.

Sensuality is related to our senses: sight, smell, taste and touch.  But then we take it a step further than simply using these senses throughout our day to day activities. Sensuality is about enjoying and being present within the pleasure of these senses. It is to be awakened and stimulated by things that turn on these senses.

The exploration of Sensuality is a journey inward

It’s about your relationship with yourself. You will gett in touch with your femininity. When we connect to our sensuality we open ourselves up to an inner confidence that promotes love and self-acceptance. This connection to ourselves enables us to find joy and happiness within rather than looking outside.

When you see your body as holy and sacred, your entire life changes
- Dr. Christiane Northrup

Why is it important to add Sensuality into our lives?

Sensuality releases oxytocin (the feel-good hormone) into our body. This creates joy, fun, self-confidence, openness, presence and self-awareness. Being sensual can infuse you with the life energy you are born with. When this life energy flows you will be more loving and giving, ofcourse first with yourself  and then with your loved ones. Being nurturing and softer towards yourself and others will make EVERYBODY happy.