Sensuality Workshop

“The art of loving yourself”


“The Art of Loving Yourself”

During this three hour sensuality workshop, you will enter a journey of your own sensuality. You’ll experience your relationship to sensuality, exploring what it means to you and discovering what feels sensual. It is a journey for you, in a safe and loving environment surrounded by women on the same quest as yourself. We’ll work to find the point where you can be present with your senses and allow yourself to enjoy them

You will learn specific, practical techniques for enhancing your capacity to experience pleasure in your life as it already is. We will get in touch with and explore our five senses, (seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling), reshaping your mindset to support your own sensuality.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”
- Hopi Elders

The Workshop

We will

  • Our relationship to sensuality and release old thought patterns about it.
  • A little feminine anatomy, you’ll be happily surprised
  • Our senses in a save and respectful environment
  • Sensual touch, eating, movement

We will

  • Delicious treats
  • Beautiful music
  • Openness and celebration
  • Being in a special space amongst women

We will

  • Keep our clothes on!
  • Keep boundaries, that you feel safe is one of my biggest priorities
  • Researching the feminine in deep reverence to the masculine
  • Respect …

For Who

The Sensuality workshop is for women who are looking to enhance their lives.

Whether you are a wife, an independent woman, divorced, experiencing menopause, in a major life transition, or looking to change some daily habits and find a better “normal,” for yourself, I am here to support your growth and increase your levels of pleasure and contentment.

Understanding the different between sexuality and sensuality is an incredible gift and empowering to younger women too.

For the sensuality workshop wear something comfortable and that you feel good in, layers are good, no jeans as this restricts some of the movement we will do.