Menstrual Cycle Awareness

“At Menarche* a woman enters her power.
Through menstruating, she practices her power.
At Menopause, she becomes her power.”

Native American Saying*Menarche is the day a girl gets her first period.

A woman in her menstruating years has hormonal changes every week of her cycle, giving her different powers and challenges to work with. She’s like four ‘different’ women in one; each has her own needs and desires, her own innate strengths and challenges.

Each month the inner rhythm of the menstrual cycle carries us through the ebb and flow of four different energy phases. These phases have profound effects on our mood and how we feel physically.

When we are not in tune with these four innately different parts of ourselves, struggles can occur; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. But, when we are aware and understand the strong natural forces of our menstrual cycle, we can start using them to our advantage; deepening our strength, power, vulnerability, understanding and compassion.

Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer

Knowing our cycle and charting/recording it builds inner spaciousness and mindfulness in your life. You will learn your innate rhythms and live in harmony with it, heal your menstrual symptoms and awaken your deep inner knowing.

Understanding your menstrual cycle is quite simple and incredibly empowering, once you know how. But to start, you need someone to point you in the right direction. Then, the road is easy to follow, and the world is at your feet.  

Through an understanding of Menstrual Cycle Awareness you:

  • Go on a healing and empowering journey
  • Embrace your everchanging nature and use it to reclaim your fullest being!
  • Enjoy the pleasure of being in the flow of your life

Here are some stories from women who have practised MCA for some time:

“Being aware of my cycle, understanding the emotional and physical fluctuations that I go through each month is one of the most powerful tools I have. It's allowed me to get to know and appreciate my feminine self on a level I never thought possible. More than that, it's my guide to help me plan my life in a way that supports me and my wellbeing. X”

Sophie CleereYoga Teacher

“Cycle awareness has been like a light going on for me. It has given me a map and a structure to understand myself better. It has also transformed my relationship and gifted me a way to be real & authentic with my children. I wish I’d discovered it years ago!”

Su GuestYoga Teacher & Doula

“Coming from a history of years of significant & debilitating menstrual issues, I tried just about everything, from hormones & drugs to herbal medicine & diet. But of everything I have tried, tracking my cycle - MCA has been by far the most powerful (& surprisingly simple!) tool by far. My cycle regulated (after years of wildly irregular periods) most reliably by charting alone, & by knowing where I am in my cycle. It helps me to look after myself and to be aware of my changing needs throughout the whole cycle. It is an easy practice, yes you can do it if you have an irregular cycle, & there is really nothing to lose...”

Emily StuartCo-Founder of The Real Period Project